A change of address…

So – that really is an irritating habit, isn’t it, starting sentences with ‘So’? Anyway: So…this is what happened.

After I posted the first piece for this blog, the British Comedy Guide got in touch and asked if they could take the blog ‘in-house’. That was very nice of them, and, seeing as they have a well-established network of subscribers and contacts, and I have no idea what I’m doing, it represented a very welcome means of fast-tracking the blog to a much bigger audience.

So…I said yes.

I must apologise, however, for the long silence whilst the material was being relocated, the new place decorated and a plan was agreed in terms of what happens and when. It must have seemed as if I was even more dilatory than I’d threatened to be.

So thank you for your patience. It really is appreciated.

The new/old/continuing blog has been renamed ‘The Comedy Chronicles’. I’m not sure why, but it has been.

It will, I hope, be a fortnightly…thing.

I’ve a few pieces planned in the near future, including ones on the day when Hancock met Steptoe; the astonishing chutzpah of Don Estelle; Jimmy Clitheroe’s doomed bid for TV stardom; Irene Handl’s quite extraordinary second career as a novelist; a number of difficult sitcom co-starring relationships; and, for Christmas, the hitherto obscure role played by Cary Grant in promoting British comedy.

So…I hope you’ll move over with me to the new address. Just click here:


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